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Wireless telegraphy
Wireless telegraphy or radiotelegraphy, commonly called CW (continuous wave), ICW (interrupted continuous wave) transmission, or on off keying, and designated by the International Telecommunication Union as emission type A1A, is a radio communication method in which the sending operator taps on a switch called a telegraph key, which turns the ...
Visible light communication: Applications, architecture ...
Visible Light munication (VLC) systems employ visible light for communication that occupy the spectrum from 380 nm to 750 nm corresponding to a frequency spectrum of 430 THz to 790 THz as shown in Fig. 2.
Homepage of Ma Maode NTU
Dr. Maode Ma . Associate Professor School of Electrical & Electronic ...
Robotics Conferences| Mechatronics Congress |Automation ...
Conference Series LLC LTD is a renowned organization that organizes highly notable conferences around the world. Robotics 2019 welcomes all the associates around the globe which is going to be held during November 11 12 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.
Dapeng Oliver Wu's Home Page
Dapeng Oliver Wu. Professor of Department of Electrical & puter Engineering. Professor of Department of puter and Information Science and Engineering (by courtesy)
Technology in Focus: Underwater Electromagnetic Propagation
Underwater wireless communications links have almost exclusively been implemented using acoustic systems. Optical links have proved impractical for many applications.
Bluefin Robotics Unmanned Underwater Vehicles General ...
Our family of Bluefin Robotics products consists of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and related technologies for defense, commercial and scientific customers worldwide.
Li Fi
Li Fi ( ˈ l aɪ f aɪ ; short for light fidelity) is wireless communication technology, which utilizes light to transmit data and position between devices.
Mobile Optical Transmission Systems Laboratory
Mobile Optical Transmission Systems Lab. The 21 st century we live in now is the century of innovation combined with global knowledge, information, and experience.
PSATS 9th EAI International Conference on Wireless and ...
The conference’s central theme is the means of using the wireless and satellite services directly to the user for personal communications, multimedia and location identification.